Here at travel insurance quote Ireland let us help you find the best travel insurance that will take care of you while you are away on your journey. When you make the decision to make a trip within Ireland or leave the country, your number one priority should be knowing that you are safe and protected. Whether you are with your family, friends, or solo, you need to know that you will be covered in case an accident occurs, you lose your luggage, or you need to quickly return home. We offer a comparison of different options so you know you will have peace of mind while embarking on your adventure.

Accidents can happen, and it is important that you take your safety into consideration when planning a trip. Insurance is something that many travellers commonly overlook. Taking care of yourself and making sure you will be prepared in the case of an emergency is extremely important, and can be done by choosng a reliable company that gives you the right options and coverage.

We want you to rest assured knowing that you can explore the world with ease. No matter who you are, where you are going and who you are travelling with, we hope to provide with all the information to help you compare travel insurance so that we kind find a perfect fit for you:

Different types of Holiday Insurance

Single Trip Travel insurance

This package is suitable for travelers who will be travelling once or twice per year. It is the cheapest holiday insurance and most convenient for travelers who just want basic coverage when they set out on the occasional trip.

Emergency medical coverage

Like most plans, you need to be covered in the case of a medical emergency. Experiencing health problems in a foreign place can be terrified, and being covered by us will put your mind at ease. Emergency medical coverage offers you:

– Emergency hospital/medical insurance

– Coverage for paramedical services.

– Ambulance transportation coverage.

– Dental treatment (emergency).

– Death-related expenses.

– Return home for yourself, your children or another travel companion if you are unwell.

– Coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

– Hospital allowance.

– The option to choose your own emergency medical provider.

– Access to toll-free emergency assistance 24/7.

Other features

– Trip cancellation fees.

– Baggage loss coverage in case your luggage goes missing.

– Legal and liability coverage.

– This plan can complement other plans including the Worldwide or Over 65s.

– You can easily extend your coverage if you will be travelling for a longer period of time.

Multi trip travel insurance

For those who will be travelling multiple times a year, this option gives you more coverage. This option makes more sense for those who travel more frequently; you don’t want to be purchasing single trip cover every time you set out.

This simple and affordable coverage will protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies when travelling outside your home, and will cover you for any trips you take within a one-year period.

Like the single trip insurance plan, with this holiday insurance you will be covered for emergency medical services, pre-existing conditions, etc, however, you will be covered each time you go on your trip. This means that you can set out whenever you want without having to worry about purchasing another insurance plan.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

If you are travelling halfway across the world, this is another great option that is worth looking into. Whether you will be travelling to a sunny beach in the Caribbean or a historic city in Germany, the worldwide plan will cover you in case of an emergency or unexpected problem.

Enjoy the same emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and liability and legal coverage that most plans offer. International travel insurance will be suitable for wherever you are going in the world.

This option is tailored to suit your needs. You will also be covered if you have pre-existing medical conditions so that your trip in another country will be safe and secure, with access to medication and any other treatments you may require. We work with medical institutions in other countries to ensure you will have access to whatever you need in order to take care of your condition.

Worldwide Insurance covers you for:

– Medical treatment.

– Hospital expenses.

– Return trips if you or a travel companion is unwell.

– Cancellation coverage which allows you to claim back money from the hotel or airline.

Worldwide Travel plan can be paired with another package in order to match you and your individual travel plans.

Ski Travel Insurance

Can’t wait to get out on the slope and enjoy a fun day of skiing or snowboarding? If you will be travelling with the sole purpose of enjoying winter sports, it is important to make sure you are covered for the cost of equipment and medical expenses. As you already know, these activities can present a health and safety risk and want to make sure you will be covered in the case of an accident. This usually is purchased as add on.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance covers you for:

– Medical expenses.

– Ski equipment costs (up to a certain amount).

– Piste closure (up to a certain amount).

– Existing medical conditions.

This insurance will cover you while you partake in recreational actvities in recognized resorts. In order to qualify for this insurance, you will need to follow the rules of the resort and not act reckless.

Backpackers Cover

This is ideal for those who will be travelling for a prolonged period of time. Many people dream of putting some belongings on their back and travelling through an unknown country. However, you need to take insurance into even higher consideration when going on such a daunting trip. There are even more things to take into consideration regarding your health and safety. Rather than being covered for only a short period of time and having to renew, you can get much more coverage with this plan and enjoy your backpacking adventure knowing that you have a safety net.

This will cover you for unexpected accidents, health emergencies, or loss of belongings. This type of coverage normally goes up to 18 months before it will need to be renewed again, giving you over a year’s worth of coverage and peace of mind.


– Medical emergencies.

– Up to 18 months of coverage.

– Cancellation coverage.

– Lost luggage coverage.

Like other packages, this will allow you to cover all of your bases. Hazardous activities coverage such as Winter Sports coverage can be added as an extra if you will be stopping somewhere to ski or engage in other recreational activities.

Family Cover

Will you be travelling with your spouse and children? Their security is a number one priority. There are insurance options available that will cover the entire family.

Whether an unexpected event such as last minute cancellation or lost of luggage comes up and ruins your holiday, this plan will cover each of your family members so that you can get back on the road to having an enjoyable time and avoiding a trip from hell.

This type of insurance will normally cover a family consisting of two adults and up to four children. If you and your family will be travelling once a year or multiple times, you can also add single trip or multi trip coverage.

While purchasing an individual policy for each family member would grow expensive and inconvenient, Family Trip Insurance gives you a great deal and simplifies the process so that you can enjoy quality time with your family. Feel secure knowing that you are covered in the case of an emergency, accident or other unexpected event. Here are some more things to be aware of when booking cover.

Over 65s cover

Insurance is even more important when you are older. Many of those over 65 have more health concerns and risks that must be accounted. This plan focuses on your health and safety and ensures that any pre-existing conditions you have will be taken care of while you are off visiting a new place.

This insurance will cover a full range of medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart conditions. You can let us know about any specific ailments you may have and we will make sure that you will feel comfortable and healthy during your trip.

This covers:

– Medical emergencies.

– Pre-existing medical conditions (medication, treatments, etc).

– Cancellation costs.

– Lost baggage costs.

This plan can complement the single trip or multi trip, depending on how many times a year you will be travelling.

Depending on who you are and how long you will be travelling, there are different plans that could be suitable. If you have any confusion or would like to know more about what is covered, you can contact us and we will give you all of the information you need to make an informed choice or check out our FAQ section. We also offer comparisons so that you know you will be getting the best value for money while keeping yourself safe and covered. Let us help you find cheap holiday insurance.