Travel Infographic

In this infographic we go through the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in the world. We name the countries Infographics-1and the some of the biggest attractions within them.

10 most popular countries

Number 1: France
No surprises here. Given it’s location and how much this country has to offer. France is a fabulous destination whether you’re looking for a city break, sun, luxury, ski holiday. It offers beautiful attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum and much more.

Number 2: USA
The new world. Where you can expect good hospitality and food. It is so large with so much to see, a lifetime wouldn’t be a enough to see all of this great country.

Number 3: Spain
Need a tan? Don’t let this country fool you. It is more than Europe’s beach. It has beautiful cities like Barcelona,Valencia and Madrid at it’s disposal.

Number 4: China
China is changing quickly. It has developed a lot over the previous two decades. Landing in cities like Beijing or Shanghai is no longer like stepping into the past. Still has some historic places to offer like The Great Wall Of China and also some very scenic regions.

Number 5: Italy
Style, food and wine. Italians take pride in themselves and their country. Lots of fabulous regions to visit in this country. Some help on how to make your visit a holiday of a lifetime.

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Number 6: Turkey
A surprise entry on the list. It is however a popular destination for European’s, Russian’s and Arab countries. So it has made it on the list at No.6. Turkey offers beaches and historic cities like Istanbul. Some region in this country are unstable at the moment so best you do your research before travelling. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Number 7: Germany
Mostly renowned for it’s beer. Germany is a fantastic destination for city breaks.  It has hip cities like Hamburg and Berlin. Where you can visit to shop, party or just relax.

Number 8: United Kingdom
Weather prevailing. The UK can be a nice place to visit. Offers busy London to the more scenic lake district.

Number 9: Russia
There has not been a more affordable time to visit Russia in a recent times. It has a warm climate in the summer. So best to save your travel plans til then.

Number 10: Mexico
The US’s Spain. It also has historic sites left by the Mayans and Aztecs.