Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance is simple and affordable

Single trip travel insurance is the simplest, most affordable form of travel insurance available. It is perfect for those who are going on a business trip or are getting away in the cold winter months to that tropical paradise. The reality of most of our lives is that we are lucky if we get even one vacation a year! Why pay more for insurance than you have to if you are not a frequent vacationer?

Why get single trip travel insurance?

There are plenty of other options available for travellers. For those who are going on a gap year for instance, backpackers insurance, is usually the best bet. For those who are planning on visiting multiple countries in a year, annual insurance is usually the option for them. What do these options have in common? They are generally more expensive. If you are only leaving Ireland once or twice a year, single trip travel insurance could be the simplest, cheapest option for you. Generally, you do not even have to do a medical health questionnaire as long as you are below a certain age, which in most cases is 60.

What does insurance for single trips cover?

You can get different levels of coverage for your trips. Generally, you can get coverage for cancellation, medical, and lost baggage. There are also add ons for almost any event that you could think of this. This includes ski insurance, and other adventurous sports. It can also include coverage for when your flight is delayed for over 4 hours so that you can get coverage for your airfaire!
Travel insurance usually have a maximum amount of medical expense coverage around €10 million. You can get reasonably priced coverage up to €20 million. While this may seem like an excessive amount, doing a little research into medical systems around the world and the cost of flying you back to Ireland safely will show you that these amounts are not out of the realm of possibility. Still, you may find that you are quite comfortable with a smaller amount of travel insurance medical coverage for your personal needs.

How can you get cheap single trip travel insurance?

The best way to get the cheapest options are online. Companies don’t really want to have to pay for employees to work the phone lines. You can usually get the best options online. As well, you can get only the most basic insurance. This will not cover you in the event of something like a volcanic eruption throwing ash into the air and preventing you from flying. If you truly want peace of mind, you can find cheap single travel insurance without scraping the bottom of the barrel. Obviously, the shorter the duration of your trip, the cheaper the travel insurance will be!

Single trip Travel insurance lets you have the most relaxing vacation possible

Why worry about getting sick on your vacation? Why have the additional stress of not knowing if you will have your baggage replaced if a careless airline employee sends your luggage halfway across the world? Vacations are about adventure and seeing new things, and they should not be about extra stress. Single trip travel insurance is an investment in peace of mind and allows you to have a plan in place in case the worst happens.


Ski Insurance for adventurous travelers

Ski insurance is necessary for mountain sports

Skiing is the most popular winter sport in the world. Even when riders take great care, skiing is a risky sport. Injuries are unfortunately commonplace. Expert skiers can actually be at higher risk of serious injury because although they are less likely to be injured, the higher speeds and more difficult terrain can increase the severity of injury. There is a big difference between falling on a bunny hill and a double black.

As long as you are sticking to marked, open runs, you can get ski insurance.  Ski insurance is a more difficult form of insurance for brokers to calculate. This is because riders not only have a wide range of skills but also a wide range of risk acceptance. Some skiers will go for decades without ever stepping foot on the most difficult of terrain, while others will be drawn to it instantly. Despite this, you can find ski insurance at reasonable prices.

Ski travel insurance not a choice. It is a necessity

When you hit the slopes in a foreign country, you 100% need to be covered by ski travel insurance. The helicopter that may be required to airlift you out of trouble isn’t cheap, and neither is the highly trained pilots time. Many travelers are covered by their bank account or credit card for a reasonable amount of travel insurance. This reasonable amount of insurance very rarely covers skiing and other mountain sports. Double check the fine print before you trust your travel insurance for risky winter sports.

You can get ski insurance very cheap. It can be just a few Euro for your entire trip. But when you use cheaper ski insurance options, you are getting the bare minimum in terms of coverage. Do your research before you purchase. It’s possible the less expensive options are fine for you, but after spending time comparing ski insurance you will find yourself gravitating away from the dirt cheap options. Learn more about what to look for when purchasing a policy by reading our guide on issues and factors you need to understand when purchasing insurance.

What is not typically covered by ski insurance?

You will not be covered if you are skiing down unmarked or off limit areas. There are some ski insurance policies which do allow you to ski down unmarked trails within certain boundaries, but these are not the norm.

Alcohol can quickly bar you from receiving a payout. This is very important to understand because there are often restaurants and bars on the slops which serve wine and beer. Read through the fine print. Do not assume that you can have a pint, get in an accident while feeling completely sober, and get paid.

There are many other exclusions that can occur with ski insurance. Because of the relatively high frequency of accidents, it is even more important that you fully read through your policy. You probably won’t be covered for your skis snapping while you hit a jump!

Will your insurance cover your entire stay?

Many frequent travelers purchase multi-trip insurance. If you decide on a policy that includes winter sports, there is likely to be a limit to how many days of the year you can be skiing.

If you are buying ski travel insurance specifically for your trip then you will most likely purchase it for the week or two that you are skiing. In case you want to stay and extra day or are unsure of the weather, you will want a flexible insurance provider or to purchase a few extra days “just in case”.

If you can afford to ski, you can afford the insurance.


Backpacker insurance guide

What exactly is backpacker insurance?

Backpackers insurance is suited for people who are taking long trips out of the country. There is a difference between backpacking insurance and multi-trip insurance, as multi-trip insurance has limits on how long you can stay in each geographic location of your visit. These limits are imposed in a time period between 31-60 days. This is not long enough for extended backpacking. This form of insurance is synonymous with gap year insurance and is suitable for long stretches of time in a foreign country.

What it all boils down to is being able to go to many different countries in a single year without being tied down. That means less worries and more spontaneity.

Finding the best travel insurance for backpackers

The best backpacking insurance for you won’t be the same as for the next person. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, for instance, you may find that some companies are better than others in terms of the rates that you receive. As well, if you except you will want to return to Ireland before the year is up, you need to pick a flexible plan that will allow you to return for events such as a wedding or family emergency. Different plans will come with different restrictions. If you plan on visiting a more dangerous location, you probably won’t qualify for most plans.

How long does backpacker insurance last?

There’s a reason it’s called gap year insurance. Almost all of these policies allow you to pack up your bag and traipse around the world for a year. However, there are some different policies if you have other needs. Some of these policies can actually last up to a year and a half. For those who are cramming in a bunch of countries in a short time period annual insurance is probably better suited to your needs.

Is there cheap backpacker travel insurance?

If you want cheap, then you better fit the criteria. Often the cheapest travel insurance for backpackers is aimed right at the young and healthy sorts who are more likely to be taking a gap year or roaming around the world. Many of these gap year insurance policies have a maximum age of 35 years. If you want addons like winter sports and ski insurance, be prepared to shell out a little more cash.

Does backpacking insurance cover adventurous sports?

This is an area where you will have to compare the specifics of the plans. In general, travel insurance companies understand that the young, adventurous crowd that takes backpacking policies out want to have fun. Often, even cheap backpacker travel insurance can cover sports such as bungee jumping and zip-lining. Other sports such as scuba diving are generally considered too dangerous and come with additional fees.

Make sure you check with your broker before assuming. While taking a few seconds to think before jumping off the edge attached only to a bungee cord might make you lose your nerve and is probably not a great idea, taking time to think before choosing your policy can save you headache in the future.

Read the fine print

Travel insurance is not a process where you want to just instantly chose the first option you see out of convenience. You need to choose the right policy for your trip. There are restrictions on areas, length of trips and more, and you need to do your research first.