Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance Ireland

Sometimes, you just have to get away from the rain and fog and relax on the beach. If you find yourself needing more than one getaway a year, annual travel insurance is the way to go. Whether it be stress, a craving for sun or a sense of adventure, when the travel bug hits you it hits hard. How do you know if annual insurance is right for you?

If you are one of the fortunate global travelers who has multiple trips planned for a single year, annual travel insurance can be a great way to save money.  Annual travel insurance often comes with the added benefit of flight cancellation and natural catastrophe coverage. When you are visiting different parts of the world, you need to be aware that your risk of encountering an act of god that throws a wrench in your plans in increased. This could be anything from a tropical storm to political unrest or volcanic ash. When you are booking multiple expensive trips, you have more than just comprehensive medical insurance to think about.

Annual travel insurance can be as affordable as in the range of €15 – €30 for the most economical, basic levels of coverage. There are also of course higher levels of coverage for those who require a more extensive option.

If you are planning on participating in higher risk activities and spots, you may have to purchase a higher level of coverage. Generally, coverage will include accident and liability, airline failure, baggage, medical expenses, cancellation, a limited amount of sports and activities, and an online documentation option. You can even purchase additional strike coverage on some policy options.

Multi Trip Insurance

You can absolutely save money by booking insurance for multiple trips. The most important factor in deciding which insurance provider to use is medical insurance. While lost baggage and cancellation are both serious concerns, the worst case scenario is always a health crisis. Health care varies in cost wildly worldwide, and you need to protect your assets and peace of mind that you will be able to get top healthcare without going bankrupt.

Freedom to change plans on the fly

Annual insurance is the perfect option for those who love to travel but do not have plans set in stone. You do not have to plan out your vacations before purchasing the policy. Policies will cover you for the entire year either for a geographic region, such as North America or the EU, or worldwide global coverage for the truly adventurous. You can update your insurance halfway through the year if needed with almost all annual insurance brokers.

Multi trip insurance for business

Ensure that when you book your travel insurance that you are doing so for business purposes as coverage can differ for work related trips compared to holidays. This can get more complicated when you have multiple business and pleasure trips scheduled for a year. At this point, the best decision you can make is to speak with insurance agents personally to compare your options.

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