Backpacker insurance guide

What exactly is backpacker insurance?

Backpackers insurance is suited for people who are taking long trips out of the country. There is a difference between backpacking insurance and multi-trip insurance, as multi-trip insurance has limits on how long you can stay in each geographic location of your visit. These limits are imposed in a time period between 31-60 days. This is not long enough for extended backpacking. This form of insurance is synonymous with gap year insurance and is suitable for long stretches of time in a foreign country.

What it all boils down to is being able to go to many different countries in a single year without being tied down. That means less worries and more spontaneity.

Finding the best travel insurance for backpackers

The best backpacking insurance for you won’t be the same as for the next person. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, for instance, you may find that some companies are better than others in terms of the rates that you receive. As well, if you except you will want to return to Ireland before the year is up, you need to pick a flexible plan that will allow you to return for events such as a wedding or family emergency. Different plans will come with different restrictions. If you plan on visiting a more dangerous location, you probably won’t qualify for most plans.

How long does backpacker insurance last?

There’s a reason it’s called gap year insurance. Almost all of these policies allow you to pack up your bag and traipse around the world for a year. However, there are some different policies if you have other needs. Some of these policies can actually last up to a year and a half. For those who are cramming in a bunch of countries in a short time period annual insurance is probably better suited to your needs.

Is there cheap backpacker travel insurance?

If you want cheap, then you better fit the criteria. Often the cheapest travel insurance for backpackers is aimed right at the young and healthy sorts who are more likely to be taking a gap year or roaming around the world. Many of these gap year insurance policies have a maximum age of 35 years. If you want addons like winter sports and ski insurance, be prepared to shell out a little more cash.

Does backpacking insurance cover adventurous sports?

This is an area where you will have to compare the specifics of the plans. In general, travel insurance companies understand that the young, adventurous crowd that takes backpacking policies out want to have fun. Often, even cheap backpacker travel insurance can cover sports such as bungee jumping and zip-lining. Other sports such as scuba diving are generally considered too dangerous and come with additional fees.

Make sure you check with your broker before assuming. While taking a few seconds to think before jumping off the edge attached only to a bungee cord might make you lose your nerve and is probably not a great idea, taking time to think before choosing your policy can save you headache in the future.

Read the fine print

Travel insurance is not a process where you want to just instantly chose the first option you see out of convenience. You need to choose the right policy for your trip. There are restrictions on areas, length of trips and more, and you need to do your research first.



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