Do you have questions about eligibility or the different insurance plans that we offer? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

– Who is eligible for coverage?

In order to be eligible for coverage, you must be a permanent resident of Ireland. Non-residents travelling to Ireland, immigrants or foreign students must purchase visitor plans.
– Will my age affect my coverage eligibility?
No. The only thing we would suggest is that those who are over 65 purchase the Over 65’s plan. If you are younger than 65, you do not need to worry about age-oriented plans.

– What do I do if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Most plans will cover you for pre-existing medical conditions. Normally, this condition needs to be stable for a certain time period in order for you to be covered. Contact us for more information and to make sure you will be covered.

– Is there anything I should know about completing the health questionnaire?

The health questionnaire is designed to help us understand your individual needs and help you pick the right coverage. When answering the questions:
– Make sure you take your time and don’t forget anything important.
– Read each question carefully so that you do not put any incorrect answers (this can lead to the denial of your claim).
– Have any prescriptions and medications nearby so that you can give accurate information about them.
– Review your answers first before submitting.
– If you feel unsure about something, contact your physician.

– Which insurance cover is right for me?

Depending on a number of factors including where in the world you are travelling, how frequently you will be travelling, and your health conditions, you could require specific plans. Please read the details of each insurance plan in order to determine which best suits you.

– When should I purchase travel cover?

You need to purchase coverage before you depart. It is always wise to purchase coverage at the same time you book your flight. This gives you time to make any changes you might need and will allow you to be prepared early on.

– How do I extend my coverage?

If you will be staying longer than you expected, you are able to extend your holiday coverage.

For those who have purchased Single Trip cover, you can extend your policy as long as you are doing it before the expiry date and have not had any emergency medical condition. If it is not possible to extend your policy, you can purchase a new one.

For those who have purchased Annual Multi Trip Travel cover, you may purchase a top-up policy for any additional days you will be travelling. This must be done before the expiry date on your original policy.

For more information about extending coverage, please contact your provider.

– How much will I pay for cover?

That depends on the type of insurance and any added coverage you will be purchasing. We will help you find the cheapest travel insurance.

If you have any other questions or concerns, we will do everything in our power to answer them for you.

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