Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance is simple and affordable

Single trip travel insurance is the simplest, most affordable form of travel insurance available. It is perfect for those who are going on a business trip or are getting away in the cold winter months to that tropical paradise. The reality of most of our lives is that we are lucky if we get even one vacation a year! Why pay more for insurance than you have to if you are not a frequent vacationer?

Why get single trip travel insurance?

There are plenty of other options available for travellers. For those who are going on a gap year for instance, backpackers insurance, is usually the best bet. For those who are planning on visiting multiple countries in a year, annual insurance is usually the option for them. What do these options have in common? They are generally more expensive. If you are only leaving Ireland once or twice a year, single trip travel insurance could be the simplest, cheapest option for you. Generally, you do not even have to do a medical health questionnaire as long as you are below a certain age, which in most cases is 60.

What does insurance for single trips cover?

You can get different levels of coverage for your trips. Generally, you can get coverage for cancellation, medical, and lost baggage. There are also add ons for almost any event that you could think of this. This includes ski insurance, and other adventurous sports. It can also include coverage for when your flight is delayed for over 4 hours so that you can get coverage for your airfaire!
Travel insurance usually have a maximum amount of medical expense coverage around €10 million. You can get reasonably priced coverage up to €20 million. While this may seem like an excessive amount, doing a little research into medical systems around the world and the cost of flying you back to Ireland safely will show you that these amounts are not out of the realm of possibility. Still, you may find that you are quite comfortable with a smaller amount of travel insurance medical coverage for your personal needs.

How can you get cheap single trip travel insurance?

The best way to get the cheapest options are online. Companies don’t really want to have to pay for employees to work the phone lines. You can usually get the best options online. As well, you can get only the most basic insurance. This will not cover you in the event of something like a volcanic eruption throwing ash into the air and preventing you from flying. If you truly want peace of mind, you can find cheap single travel insurance without scraping the bottom of the barrel. Obviously, the shorter the duration of your trip, the cheaper the travel insurance will be!

Single trip Travel insurance lets you have the most relaxing vacation possible

Why worry about getting sick on your vacation? Why have the additional stress of not knowing if you will have your baggage replaced if a careless airline employee sends your luggage halfway across the world? Vacations are about adventure and seeing new things, and they should not be about extra stress. Single trip travel insurance is an investment in peace of mind and allows you to have a plan in place in case the worst happens.